Serving Madame Gina

25 minutes. Special Interest.

24-hour rental for $2.99

Gina and Mercedes are in a Master/slave relationship, an unusual relationship that may surprise the viewer and dispel stereotypes regarding assumptions what a Master/slave relationship and its participants may be like.

They are living together in their stylish and elegant house in San Francisco, where Mercedes serves Gina in many ways and worships Madame Gina in a very committed and devoted manner.

They just had their 2-year anniversary, and Mercedes received her third tattoo as a symbol of their lives being bonded together forever. Their leather family is present as Mercedes receives her tattoo. In their scene, they often enjoy playing with archetypes: the huntress, the victim, the Goddess, the worshipper and much more comes to life.

While Madame Gina treats her slave and “property” to occasional dungeon scenes which include floggings, bondage and many other activities, most of their 24/7 situation centers around Mercedes being Gina's servant, Lady-in-waiting, maid and house slave.

This film screened at CineKink Film Festival New York in 2009 where it won the "Best Short Documentary" award. In 2008 it screened at San Francisco Frameline (International LGBT Film Festival); at Action on Film Festival, Pasadena; at PFF Berlin; at Washougal International Film Festival, Washington and at others.